Forgot your username or password?

Remember, your username is always your email address. If you forgot your password just click the Forgot Password? link on the Login Page and an email with your password will be emailed to you. 

How do I change my password?

Log into your account and from your Dashboard or My Account drop-down click the Change Password icon or tab and you can reset your password.  

How do I sign up with Premier Video Casting?

Go to the SIGN UP page and enter your first & last name and your email address.  Choose what describes you best and then you will receive an email with login information.

Who can sign up with Premier Video Casting?

Anyone who is interested in pursuhing a career in the Film Industry can sign up with Premier Video Casting. (Actors, Casting Directors, Filmmakers, Talent Agents etc.)

How do I record my Audition? - Watch this video to learn how to record your own Video Audition 

You must be in a QUIET ROOM and against a SOLID background. Your camera must be STEADY and remain at the SAME angle throughout the entire audition. A slightly high angle is the most flattering.

What can I record my Audition on?

You can record your audition on any device that records. Camera, iPad, Cell phone, iPod, Webcam. The better quality of your audition the more professional you are perceived. (Remember to compress all video formats for quick upload time)

NOTE: If your audition is not of quality standards your audition WILL NOT be viewed by Casting Directors. So make sure you watch the How to Record My Audition Video and follow the guidelines.

How do I submit my audition to Casting Directors?

Submitting your Video Audition to Casting Directors is simple. First select a project you are interested in, then go to the Roles for that particular Project. Select a Role that fits your physical traits. At the right of the page there will be a green Sumbit Audition button. Click Submit Audition and you will be taken to a page where you can select what headshot you want to display next to your audition and can then upload your audtion, by browsing your computer and selecting your audition. Remember only, (asf, asx, avi, divx, dv, dvx, m4v, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, qt, wmv, 3g2, 3gp, 3ivx, and 3vx) formats are allowed.   

How long does it take for my audition to upload?

Your audition will upload within a few minutes and will be sent directly to the Casting Director. (Given your internet connection and file size.) If you are uploading a 1080p video which is very large file, it can take up to an hour to upload. To fix this problem, COMPRESS your file size with a compression program. There are multiple compression programs FREE online. 

What are sides?

Sides are typically 2-5 pages, usually taken out of a script in order to help the Actor prepare for the audition. The sides are the most important thing that helps the actor to rehearse for the part. They are provided by the Casting Director.

Where do I find Sides?

You can find SIDES for a particular Role when you click on a Specific Character an option will then be given to either DOWNLOAD or PRINT the SIDES.

How much does Premier Video Casting cost for Actors?


How do I purchase a subscription?

Simply Sign Up with Premier Video Casting and choose a Subscripton plan, or click the Join Now button on the bottom of the Testimonial Banner to become a Premier member. 

Do Credits expire?

No credits do not expire. Though, if your membership expires, your credits will be lost. 

How do I upload photos/headshots?

Click the Browse button in the Role images, Project Detail, Headshots or Edit Profile page  and browse your computer for the image you want to upload. Remember only Jpeg or JPG images are allowed. 

Can I email Headshots or Video Auditions to a Casting Director?

No. You must submit all Headshots and Video Auditions through the Premier Video Casting site, unless a Casting Director has specified to do so otherwise. 

How many photos can I have on my profile?

There is a limit of 40 Headshots that can display at a given time in your profile. 

How do I change my Primary photo?

Go to the Headshots page, hover over an image and choose "PRIMARY"  to make a specific photo your Primary Headshot. You can go in and change your Primary photo at anytime. 

How do I remove an existing photo and upload a new one?

Hoover over an image to access the "Edit" button. Browse your computer to replace a particular headshot. Do not click the "Delete" option this will result in you loosing you headshot space. You have 5 days from the day you purchase and upload a photo to change out any photos FREE of charge. After this 5 day grace period is over, you must purchase more Credits if you would like to delete and replace a photo. You can go to the Credits Page at anytime and purchase more Credits. 

How do I upload my Resume?

You can upload your Resume when creating or editing your Profile just click "Browse" and select your Resume from your computer. Remember only PDF format is allowed for Resumes. This will secure the fact that no alterations to your resume can be made. 

How do I edit my resume?

You must re-upload a new resume in PDF format if you wish to make any changes. 

How do I upload my Demo Reel?

Copy the URL from the YOU TUBE, or VIMEO SHARE option, or COPY it from your own personal website and PASTE it in the field under DEMO REEL when editing or creating your your profile.

What format does my Demo Reel need to be in?

Your REEL must be a URL code. This can be obtained by uploading your REEL to YOUTUBE, VIMEO, or any other Video Hosting service. 

How do I reduce my file size?

If you are having trouble uploading your Video Audition it may be due to the size of your file or your interent connection speed. To reduce your file size, download compression software online in accordance with using a Mac or Pc. There are many Free programs avalible online. 

Do all my Auditions stay in My Profile? 

Yes. A list of all the Roles you have auditioned for will be in your Profile as well as the Video Auditions you have submitted. 

How do I look at Feedback from Casting Directors? 

You will have an indicator pop-up on your dashboard everytime you have Feedback from a Casting Director. Click on it and you can view your feedback. 

As an Actor, can I reply to comments Casting Directors left. 

No, you cannot respond to feedback Casting Directors have left, unless they have provided a way for you to personally contact them.

Can I have multiple accounts? 

Yes, you can have multiple accounts but you must use a NEW email address each time a NEW account is created.

How Do I Contact Premier Video Casting?

You can contact us at contactus@premiervideocasting.com



Premier helps me get exposure! I love this new way to audition! I highly recommend joining Premier Video Casting!