Casting Directors

Simplicity: All your talent, roles and auditions in one easy-to-use profile. No more endless browser windows, links and emails. Premier organizes everything for you and you can share talent with your team instantly.

Freedom: With Premier, you can control the entire casting process on your laptop, tablet or smart phone. From discovering new talent to casting your next star, Premier puts the casting process at your fingertips. Cast from anywhere.

Flexibility: Customize Premier Video Casting to fit any casting need. Do you just need to pre-screen actors? Do you have 1 role to cast quickly or an entire film to cast? No matter what your casting needs are, Premier makes casting easy.


The Film & TV Industry

Filmmakers: Casting your project is one of the single most important creative decisions you have. Post your roles from home, watch auditions anytime, anywhere and cast your dream project on the go. Make your career premier.

Agents and Managers: Give your talent innovative exposure. Premier Video Casting puts your talent in front of casting directors and filmmakers instantly. It's free. It's fast. It's the future.

Time and Money: With Premier, you don't have to rent a space to cast, spend money on equipment rentals or waste time traveling. You can work from anywhere and cast quickly all for FREE. Sign up today and save time and money!


And Beyond

Reality TV: Expand your options when searching for your next reality TV star. The possibilities are endless and Premier puts you at an advantage by being able to cast on the go anytime, anywhere, keeping everything neatly organized in your personal profile.

Corporate & Commercial Work: Cast the best talent for commercials, industrials, infomercials, training videos and more. You can also audition spokespeople for live events. Save time and money for your business.

Student Films: We know you're on a budget. Cast for FREE. Don't worry about locations, equipment etc…We've got you covered! 

Casting Made Easy

Cast talent from around the world, all from your laptop.


I can cast talent from around the globe, all from my laptop.